So you’ve chipped your tooth and are wondering, “Can a dentist file down a chipped tooth?” Luckily, the answer is usually “yes.” Given that your tooth is in otherwise good health and is not fragile, your dentist will likely be able to file down your chipped tooth. Will filing a chipped tooth hurt? Filing a.. read more →

14 May 2022
May 14, 2022

Best Denture Pain Relief

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Denture pain is never pleasant, and it could be caused by a few different issues. It may be due to not fitting correctly, bacteria buildup from not cleaning the dentures thoroughly and regularly, or having food stuck between the dentures and gums. You may also experience some pain if you’re new to having dentures. What’s.. read more →

15 Apr 2022
April 15, 2022

Benefits of Fluoride

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Fluoride is often used in dentistry to improve oral health. Fluoride is a mineral that is found naturally in bones and teeth, as well as throughout nature in things like soil, rocks, and water. What are the benefits of fluoride, and what exactly is it? Read on! Benefits of Fluoride There are many benefits of.. read more →

15 Mar 2022
March 15, 2022

Baking Soda and Teeth Health

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You may have heard that baking soda and teeth health can go hand in hand. Baking soda can be used to improve your oral health in several ways, which we explore below.  Baking soda can prevent tooth decay. If the acidity in your mouth is high, baking soda can be used to help neutralize it… read more →

15 Feb 2022
February 15, 2022

How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

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Have you ever been referred to as having a sweet tooth? It is no wonder the term came to be used. Our bodies can easily be addicted to sugary foods and drinks, and thus, our teeth are subjected to that sugar. But what really happens when sugar enters your mouth?  Sugar and your teeth Your.. read more →

15 Jan 2022
January 15, 2022

The Importance of Dental X-Rays

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Does your dentist recommend X-rays when you go to your annual checkup? X-rays are vital for dentists to be able to monitor health issues or, if oral health problems start to develop, to determine and dissect potential causes for your oral health decline. Additionally, X-rays provide a wealth of information for both adults and children.  .. read more →

15 Dec 2021
December 15, 2021

What to Expect When You Get a Root Canal

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Root canals are common dental procedures, but when you have had healthy oral hygiene for most of your life and you suddenly need to have a major dental procedure, it can be scary. We are here to put you at ease and walk you through what a root canal is and how they are typically.. read more →

When it comes to most people, brushing teeth can seem like just another monotonous chore that needs to be done daily. However, if people rush through their brushing routine often, they can be creating detrimental effects for their teeth, gums, and overall mouth health. If you want to impress your dentist on the next visit.. read more →

There are so many ways we can damage our teeth with the foods that we eat. Setting good examples for the foods and drinks we consume will help put our children on the right path to positive dental health. The following six foods/drinks are among some of the worst if they are consumed on a.. read more →

There has been a big shift in recent years towards people using all natural or holistic methods of healthcare, including everyday items such as toothpaste. Sometimes, these products can be the right one for you, but other times there may be a product that is better suited for your individual health needs. Finding toothpaste that.. read more →