The unimaginable has happened. Your child has managed to sustain an injury or has a badly decaying tooth and a tooth extraction is necessary. For adults, dental procedures can be scary. Can you imagine how your child must be feeling? Going to the dentist is already a new experience for him or her; going through a major dental procedure can be an anxiety-ridden ordeal. But it does not have to be. 

Together, let us help make your child’s experience as comfortable as possible. 

Be Open + Honest About the Procedure

Kids who are not prepared and do not understand what is happening to them tend to react in a bitter and untrustworthy way. Sometimes, we take for granted what our kids are capable of understanding. Take time to simply research and explain to your child what is going to happen prior to the procedure. 

Furthermore, if it helps to have your dentist explain it to both you and your child in an easy-to-understand manner, it will give you time to answer questions or address fears your child may be having about the situation. 

Focus on the Positive!

Okay, tooth extraction may not seem like an incredibly positive experience, but you should try and draw as many positives out as you can to help put your child at ease. Try hyping him or her up by saying the following:

  • It will help improve oral health.
  • He or she will get a bonus from the Tooth Fairy for getting a tooth pulled.
  • He or she will get to eat ice cream for a few days following the extraction.

Be Prepared for Post-Procedure

Helping get both you and your child prepared for post-extraction before it ever happens is crucial. It will also make the process easier and put you and your child’s minds at ease. Make sure you have all the necessary items for post-care at the ready and a super comfy spot ready for your child to rest up afterwards. 

Some of the items you may find helpful for post-extraction are:

  • Painkillers (as prescribed)
  • Icepack/bag for the area
  • Soft foods, such as soup, pudding, yogurt, applesauce, and ice cream

Give Your Child Something to Look Forward To

The best way to help your child get through a major procedure is to give something positive and exciting to look forward to after the extraction. Whether it is having favorite foods ready or having a favorite toy with him or her, it can help to know there is a reward on the other side.

Together, with the help of the experienced staff at The Complete Dentistry of Orland Park, we can help you and your child navigate dental extraction. The experience does not have to be traumatic. With focus on patient care and preparation, your child will be able to approach the situation calmly and get through it easy peasy.