14 Jan 2023
January 14, 2023

How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

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Have you ever been referred to as having a sweet tooth? It is no wonder the term came to be used. Our bodies can easily be addicted to sugary foods and drinks, and thus, our teeth are subjected to that sugar. But what really happens when sugar enters your mouth? 

Sugar and your teeth

Your mouth is riddled with sugar-loving microbes—not something you want to hear, but something that makes sense as to why sugar affects your teeth. Those microbes turn sugar into acid, which breaks down your tooth enamel, resulting in decay. Over time, sugar has the potential to lead to cavities, gum disease, and periodontitis. 

Furthermore, gum disease has been linked to both risks of heart disease and dementia. So, by overconsuming sugar, you are doing a number on your oral hygiene and potentially setting yourself up for future health risks. 

How does dental decay happen? 

All mouths have both good and bad bacteria. While the healthy bacteria aids in digestion, the bad bacteria that feed on your sugar indulgences result in plaque being left behind on your teeth. Plaque leads to the erosion of your enamel, which leads to cavities and possible tooth loss. Thanks, plaque! 

You can help prevent sugar from destroying your teeth

We are not saying you must cut out sugar completely—you just need to be aware of the effects sugar has on your hygiene and health. By practicing healthier methods, you can put your teeth on the right track. 

Routine dental visits

You should be visiting your dentist twice a year for examinations and cleanings. This way, when your dentist catches a cavity, it is typically in the incredibly early stages and can be treated before it causes permanent damage. If you are due for a dental exam, reach out to The Complete Dentistry of Orland Park to schedule your next visit! 

Improve your oral hygiene by decreasing the effects of sugar

Give your sweet tooth a piece of mind by being more conscious about your sugar intake. Following these simple tips will have you prepping your mouth for a successful future—one that your dentist can be proud of! 

  • Limit the consumption of sugar, which includes both energy drinks and soft drinks.
  • Drinking water while eating meals helps rinse the bad bacteria out.
  • Avoid candy and other sticky, sugary foods – find alternative healthy snacks.
  • Brush your teeth after eating sugary foods.
  • Limit your intake of carbohydrates as they turn into sugar in your mouth.
  • Make sure to use fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen your enamel.
  • Floss regularly to help remove plaque buildup between the teeth that your toothbrush may not get.

Keep us on your calendar!

Make sure to visit your dentist if a tooth becomes bothersome or painful. Avoiding complicated dental hygiene issues is easy with routine checkups at The Complete Dentistry of Orland Park. You can schedule your next appointment by calling us at 877-478-1353. Keep us on your calendar and keep up with your sugar reduction to maintain a healthy, happy smile!