15 Dec 2022
December 15, 2022

The Importance of Dental X-Rays

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Does your dentist recommend X-rays when you go to your annual checkup? X-rays are vital for dentists to be able to monitor health issues or, if oral health problems start to develop, to determine and dissect potential causes for your oral health decline. Additionally, X-rays provide a wealth of information for both adults and children.  

X-rays give a deep dive into your mouth.

X-rays are important because they allow the dentist to look past the tissue of your mouth—such as your gums—and get a close look at what is going on in the deeper areas of your jawbone and teeth. These images help your dentist determine if there are any signs of oral health problems that may be invisible during the regular examination.  

There are two different types of X-rays that your dentist may perform depending on your oral health situation: therapeutic X-rays and diagnostic X-rays..

Therapeutic X-rays

Therapeutic X-rays are your standard dental visit X-ray. Your dentist will typically take these X-rays once per year during your oral exam and teeth cleaning. The point of these X-rays is to provide a full view of your teeth and mouth so that your dentist can spot any potential signs of oral health issues that may require further investigation. 

Your dental office may do several bitewing X-rays or a panoramic X-ray depending on the technology within the office. Both will provide an excellent in-depth look at your mouth. 

Diagnostic X-rays

Diagnostic X-rays are slightly different and are typically ordered when a larger dental treatment is being planned. For example, if you are having a root canal performed, your dentist may want to get a diagnostic X-ray done to capture a comprehensive image of the affected area(s) from top to bottom. Getting a clear image of the tooth and the surrounding areas is important to plan patient treatment. 

X-rays can diagnose.

Getting that great, detailed view from the X-ray can offer a ton of insight for your dentist. X-rays help diagnose things that are specific or isolate symptoms that you may be dealing with. From a simple cavity to advanced decay from gum disease and masses, X-rays help identify potential problems before they get worse. They also help patients get faster, more efficient care when X-rays are routinely performed. 

When was your last X-ray?

If you have not visited us in a while at The Complete Dentistry of Orland Park, then chances are you need to get in for a full exam—including X-rays. Your dentist will be able to use your X-rays to monitor your oral health and treat you as the years go on. X-rays are beneficial on so many levels when it comes to practicing regular oral health or entering major oral surgery. 

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