14 Oct 2023
October 14, 2023

Tips to Get a Kissable Smile

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Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, you’re standing under the mistletoe, or you’re just wishing your special someone a great day, everyone wants a kissable mouth. You don’t want bad breath or crooked, stained teeth keeping those kisses at bay, so here are some great tips to keep your mouth in kissing condition. Between good.. read more →

Even if you don’t know much about cosmetic dentistry, you’ve almost certainly heard plenty about the potentials of teeth whitening. You may not have heard quite as much about the practice of dental veneers. While they are not as well known, dental veneers in Orland Park may be the right solution for you to get.. read more →

The dentists at teeth whitening clinics in Orland Park can tell you what whitening procedure will be the most effective for you. Not all types of tooth discoloration can benefit from whitening, says Mouth Healthy. Yellowish teeth will usually bleach well, while brownish teeth will not show as much whitening. Gray-toned teeth may possibly not.. read more →

Many people avoid going to the dentist. While we might claim we’re too busy, for many of us, the real reason is a fear of visiting the dentist. This could be because we have overly sensitive teeth and every visit is painful, but it could also be a real phobia – fear of dentists is.. read more →

Dental health should be a priority for everyone. Along with visiting teeth whitening clinics in Orland Park, there are several steps you can take to keep your mouth look and feel great. 1.Check Up on Pain: While many people have occasional mouth and tooth pain, chronic pain could be a symptom of a more serious.. read more →

Dentistry has evolved from treating teeth to recognizing a link between the conditions in the mouth and systemic diseases. Heart disease has long been referred to as the silent killer. People who are at high risk for having a heart attack may feel perfectly healthy. Despite feeling fine, however, they may have arthrosclerosis, or lipid.. read more →

14 Apr 2023
April 14, 2023

Crown Bridges

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If you have large, old silver fillings in your mouth, did you know your tooth can be at risk for fracturing? Studies have shown if the filling takes up more than 50% of the tooth’s biting surface it’s at significantly greater risk of breaking. Teeth that fracture can lead to root canals, pain, abscesses and.. read more →

15 Mar 2023
March 15, 2023

Dental Implants

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Do you avoid eating certain types of food because you are worried your dentures are going to fall out? If you answered yes, dentistry has the solution for you. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the areas where your teeth used to be. The implants will then hold your denture in.. read more →

Do you or someone you know have an extreme fear of dentists? You may not be neglecting your oral health because of your anxiety. You are putting yourself at the risk of developing gum disease, tooth loss and other health problems as a result. You can easily get over your anxieties by seeking out sedation.. read more →

Chewing gum is a favorite way of eliminating nervousness for millions of people. This is more common among youths but apparently this innocent pastime has been found to cause migraine headaches. Most likely you have visited a TMJ TMD Orland park clinic seeking medical attention due to these headaches which is why you need to.. read more →