Do you or someone you know have an extreme fear of dentists? You may not be neglecting your oral health because of your anxiety. You are putting yourself at the risk of developing gum disease, tooth loss and other health problems as a result.
You can easily get over your anxieties by seeking out sedation dentists. These dentists use sedation treatments to manage their patients’ anxieties before or during treatment. This approach ensures that your comfort is a priority during any treatment procedure.

How it works

Sedation dentistry uses sedatives in different forms. These help the patients relax during their treatment. The sedative used will depend on the level of anxiety of the patients, their preferences as well as the dental condition being treated.
There are three main types of sedatives used today:

• Oral
These can significantly reduce your discomfort and fears. They allow you to remain fully conscious during the procedure. You can even speak to the dentist. Although you will not be unconscious or asleep, you will be at a higher level of relaxation as a result.

• Gas
This involves the use of nitrous oxide (sometimes known as laughing gas). It is best suited for those with mild cases of anxiety. You will remain conscious and able to breathe on your own throughout the procedure.

• Intravenous
This involves the use of a sedative injected into your bloodstream. You will be unconscious during the procedure. It is ideal for those with a heightened sense of anxiety.

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