Chewing gum is a favorite way of eliminating nervousness for millions of people. This is more common among youths but apparently this innocent pastime has been found to cause migraine headaches. Most likely you have visited a TMJ TMD Orland park clinic seeking medical attention due to these headaches which is why you need to learn more on your seemingly harmless chewing habit.

Spit that Gum Now

If you or a loved one is experiencing excruciating headaches you need to seek another alternative to chewing gum. A study by Tel Aviv University-affiliated Meir Medical Center published in the authoritative Pediatric Neurology journal has put down any defense of chewing gum.

The study says that chewing gum places a lot of stress on the sensitive temporomandibular joint (TMJ).This can lead to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) which causes a lot of unbearable jaw, ear and facial pain. This painful condition calls for specialized TMD treatment, which you can only get from a highly qualified TMJ TMD Orland park dentist.

Using TMJ Dentists

Truth be told, TMD can incapacitate you because of excruciating pain. The sensitivity of facial muscles means you cannot hide it and you will have to stop whatever you were doing when the pain spasms hit you. An expert dental readjustment from your dentist is what you need.

With advances in dental technology, you will enjoy sedation dentistry,guaranteeing that the readjustment of your dentals will not exacerbate the pain you are already experiencing.

Using nitrous oxide analgesia (laughing gas) a sedation dentist at a TMJ TMD Orland park comprehensive dentistry clinic will give you a comfortable solution to TMD. As you walk out of the clinic, remember to swear against ever chewing gum.

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