Are you looking for a way to improve your appearance?

Having a bright and beautiful smile can work wonders by doing just that. This is where your family dentist can help.
Dental veneers are an effective and easy way of transforming your smile. They are custom made so that they can cover the front side of your teeth. They can help to change the appearance of your teeth including size, color and shape.
• They are natural looking and therefore help to give you an improved natural looking smile
• Porcelain is not known to trigger any reactions with gum tissue. They therefore will not have any damaging effect on your gums.
• They are resistant to stains.
• You can select the color of the dental veneers. You can therefore have your pearly whites appear whiter.
• The process is simple and easy for a qualified family dentist. There is no tooth shaping required prior to the procedure.
• There is no way to reverse the procedure. You should therefore be prepared to commit for life.
• You will have to take care not to chip or crack them as they cannot be repaired.
• You may not find a color that matches the hue of the rest of your teeth exactly. You may therefore need to have your teeth whitened before having them inserted to ensure uniformity.
• Chewing on hard objects can result in their dislodging. However, this is quite rare. It is however advisable to avoid chewing hard objects or placing excessive pressure on your teeth.
• They are not a good option for those that grind or clench their teeth. These actions can cause them to chip or crack.

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