According to the American Dental Association (ADA),over 57% of Americans don’t observe basics of general oral health. The consequences of poor tooth are grave especially concerning early teeth loss and damage.

Modern Dentistry to the Rescue

Luckily, modern dentistry has come up with ingenious solutions to remedy this most frustrating oral problem. Missing and damaged teeth can now be rectified by using dental implants. Missing dentals affect your eating habit and also expose your jaw bone leading to debilitating health bone loss.

These dentals provide a replacement for a tooth’s root using a titanium post fixed firmly through the gum. An abutment is then placed on top of the fitting to help fix crowns, dentures or a root bridge.

Why Implants?

A visit to your Implant dentist Orland Park is the first step in restoring your magnificent smile and your chewing power. Some of the other benefits of this procedure include:

  1. Prevention of bone loss: This is common when there is a missing tooth. This improves your overall oral health.
  2. Permanent solution: Implants feel and look natural and indeed they are a long-lasting solution.
  3. Chewing ability: Once the procedure is done you can enjoy your favorite meals without accompanying discomfort.
  4. Preventing further teeth damage: Your cosmetic dental implants Orland Park will recommend this procedure as it helps avoid misalignment and misshaping of adjacent teeth. Your smile and bite will thus not be affected.
  5. Improved appearance: Loss of a tooth affects your facial appearance but at our Complete Dentistry of Orland Park clinic,we ensure you look younger and you get back your illuminating smile.

There are many other benefits of using dental implants and to fully discover them, just call us on 877-478-1353 to get back your smile.