The American Dental Association (ADA) reckons that over 95% of dental problems in adults could be alleviated by following a dentist’s tips early in life. Well, if you are a parent in Orland Park, it is time to start inculcating an oral hygiene culture in your family. You can simply do this by showing your kids the importance of regularly visiting a general dentist Orland Park.

Invaluable Advice

Such early visits work for the young because as you age more oral health issues crop up thus necessitating regular checkups. Some of the most important tips you will get from a dental specialist in the city include:

  1. Brushing Properly and Regularly

It is a well-known tip but it is also commonly ignored especially by children. Brushing at least twice a day and mostly after meals and before going to bed is the best way to maintain a perfect dental outlook.

You also need to ensure you brush thoroughly using a recommended fluoridated toothpaste and toothbrush. As you brush, ensure the gum line and tooth surface are in contact with the bristles for more effectiveness. This will reduce acid build up, prevent bacterial growth and alleviate bad breath.

  1. Flossing

Once you brush you need to slowly and gently floss between your teeth to prevent any particle buildup. This helps to reach areas where your toothbrush was unable to clean. Flossing fosters a healthier gum and teeth but you must ensure it is done slowly to avoid any damage.

  1. Use Mouthwash

As credible Orland Park dental specialists we recommend rinsing using only ADA approved mouthwash. A product containing Listerine or Chlorine Oxide is the best to use alongside brushing and flossing.

At Complete Dentistry of Orland Park we believe this simple three-pronged approach will help maintain perfect oral hygiene. We also recommend healthy eating, lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking and eating sugary foods, and of course visiting us regularly. Call us today on 877-478-1353 to continue enjoying good oral health.