Life can be crazy, especially these days. There are so many changes going on in the world and within your own family that make keeping up with things, like going to the dentist, difficult. Why make it even more difficult by visiting multiple dentists or different dentists for different members of the family?

Nobody has time for that! Furthermore, there are many benefits that come from working with a single provider. 

You will stay more organized. 

Balancing both work and family is a difficult task—especially when you have multiple kids in multiple activities. It can be overwhelming to add even more to your plate when you are already spread so thin. Having a single dentist that your family can rely on can take a bit of that pressure off. Instead of running to multiple dental offices, you can visit The Complete Dentistry of Orland Park for all your needs.

From small children to elderly, we provide a comfortable environment with expert staff members ready to make your experience a pleasant one. 

Communication is better with one dentist.

Keeping track of dental records and details can become a challenge if you are running all over the place. With one long-term partnership, all the details are in one location and are easy for both mom and dad to access. Communication between parents and the dentist is simplified because the entire family is visiting the same person. 

When it comes time to talk about your dental health, everyone will be on the same page, and everyone will know one another. 

The experience becomes more personalized. 

Working with one dentist over the span of five, 10, or even 20 years allows you time to get to know your dentist on a more personal level. It also allows your dentist to get to know you and get to know your oral hygiene habits (both good AND bad). Knowing these personal details about your life and your mouth allows your dentist to do a better job and offer treatment plans that will work for you and your lifestyle. 

Additionally, it helps if your dentist is involved with your children from a young age because they have a better idea of how to approach your child’s specific dental hygiene needs. Children’s mouths change significantly from the time they start getting baby teeth until the time they have a full set of adult teeth. Dentists who are familiar with the child can monitor changes and keep an eye out for future problems. 

Your children become more relaxed during dental visits.

For some kids, a new doctor or dentist can be scary. It can take multiple visits for them to even feel comfortable. Sticking with the same provider will get them used to the dentist and allow their anxiety levels to remain low. Fear of the unknown is one of the greatest fears any person can face, so a familiar face and office can make the process all the easier. Plus, once your children become more familiar with the dentist, it will make his or her experience of a dental visit better and he or she will be more likely to follow through on dental hygiene tips given. 

A wealth of information is stored in one location.

Working with the same office, such as The Complete Dentistry of Orland Park, allows the dentist to consistently compare data throughout the years. At The Complete Dentistry of Orland Park, we will be able to monitor the frequency of your visits and changes to your teeth and gums. We will keep dental records, X-rays, labs, and more on file so that your information is easy to locate and discuss. 

Creating this long-term partnership with The Complete Dentistry of Orland Park makes life easier for you and easier for us. Thank you for continuing to trust us and rely on us to provide complete dental care for you and your entire family!