It is no surprise that dental practices are high risk during the pandemic. The close proximity and face-to-face exposure can leave even the most assured feeling uneasy. We want to ease your nerves and give you an idea of what it is like in dental practices during the age of COVID-19. 

The ADA has some important news that may ease your mind! 

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), there have been no cases of COVID-19 attributed to any dental practices in the United States. Although this is great news, it may not be enough to ease your suspicions of going to the dentist. We understand. Many offices have taken extreme precautions to ensure you have a safe and (nearly) normal experience visiting the dentist. 

It is imperative to continue with your normal dental checkups to prevent major dental diseases or cavity production. 

We are following CDC guidelines and regulations mandated by the state of Illinois.

For dental offices to remain open, following guidelines is crucial for both your safety and the safety of the dentist and staff. As recommended by the CDC, dental offices shall use extensive cleaning methods, wear PPE, and actively screen for COVID-19 symptoms. Dental offices were also encouraged to use HEPA filters and ultraviolet irradiation of upper-room air to assist in killing potential germs circulating in the air. 

Most dental practices are taking maximum precautions to maintain a safe practice for staff and patients alike

Should you be going in for your routine cleaning?

Asking your dental office is a must before scheduling your routine cleaning. Make sure your dental office is adhering to guidelines and doing everything they can to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for you and the other patients. 

Be aware of your area’s current COVID-19 outlook. If the number of cases are low and falling, you should feel at ease visiting your local dentist. In areas where cases are mounting, being cautious may be the better route for you during that time. 

Ask questions before making an appointment. There is nothing wrong with understanding your dental office’s new procedures and precautions before going in for a routine cleaning. Get answers to the following questions:

  • What happens before a visit?
  • Are patients screened over the phone before coming into the office? Are they screened in the office?
  • Are you limiting the number of patients in the office at a time?
  • Are waiting areas giving the allotted 6 feet of distance between seating?
  • How often are clinical and waiting areas cleaned throughout the day?
  • Does your practice have a HEPA filter in place?
  • Do you have enough PPE for the staff? 
  • Are staff and patients required to wear masks at all times?

The answers to these important questions should help you weigh the pros and cons of going to your preferred dental practice. If you don’t feel comfortable with your current situation, try other practices in the area that might be doing a better job of following CDC and ADA guidelines—it is much better to feel 100% safe when you are putting yourself in a compromising situation.

Ask us about our practice! We are open and ready to serve.

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