Your oral health and that of your children is very important. However, it is one of those things often overlooked. Many people assume that brushing their teeth daily is enough to ensure good oral health. However, there is more to maintaining good oral health.

It is important to incorporate preventative dental care to ensure your family’s oral health. This will help to maintain good oral health and prevent the development of problems that are often very expensive to treat.

What to ask your dentist on your next visit

You can learn a lot about preventative dental care from your dentist. Dentists are always willing to educate their patients to prevent them from having to undergo a lot of pain and suffering in the future. You only need to know the right questions to ask. You may want to start with the following questions.

  • Do my gums and mouth look healthy?
  • What can I do to improve my daily care routine?
  • How can I improve the health of my teeth and gums?
  • What foods should I eat to improve the health of my teeth?
  • What treatments will I need to improve my teeth health?
  • Are there any urgent procedures to undertake?
  • How can I improve my child’s dental health?
  • Should I get my child sealants to prevent the development of cavities?
  • Are my child’s teeth and jaws developing healthily?

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