Keeping your mouth healthy is possible with preventative dentistry from a general dentist Orland Park. This is the main way to ensure that your teeth remain intact through the years and that you don’t spend too much on dental treatment. The main culprits for the loss of teeth are usually gum disease and decay. This means that if you do a good job of dealing with the two and preventing them from happening, you will have better pearly whites for longer.

Preventative dental care Orland Park can only be successful if you cooperate with the team taking care of your teeth. There are several procedures that you can expect as follows:

  1. You will receive a thorough check up that includes your gums and teeth.
  2. You will be advised on the treatment that is needed to ensure that your mouth remains healthy.
  3. You will need some cleaning to thoroughly get rid of tartar and plaque leaving your pearly whites looking polished.
  4. You will be instructed on how to best brush your pearly whites and clean between them using floss or inter-dental brushes.
  5. The general dentist Orland Park will also recommend the best products for your oral care
  6. Since diet is also important for oral care, you will be given a talk about how your habits, especially drinking and smoking, can affect your pearly whites.
  7. Your fillings will be checked to ensure that their condition is good.

Sealants may be applied to ensure that your teeth’s biting surfaces are protected and you will be informed about how you can protect your enamel from dental erosion. For the best in preventative care, call Complete Dentistry of Orland Park on 877-478-1353.