Cosmetic dental procedures can help improve the appearance of your smile, making you more confident. You will need to find the right cosmetic dentist with proper training so that you are impressed with the results.

At Complete Dentistry of Orland Park, we perform the three most common cosmetic procedures, which are:

  • Porcelain veneers – These provide a total and permanent makeover for the appearance of one’s teeth, with advantages that make them a favorite for many patients.
  • Lumineers – These are a form of porcelain veneers that provide a painless way to a whiter and brighter smile. They are as thin as contact lenses and are applied to the teeth to give a naturally whiter color.
  • Teeth whitening – This is the least expensive and most common way of getting a brighter smile. Patients can choose between the single-appointment teeth whitening procedure by a cosmetic dentist or a carry-away home regiment for whiter teeth in 1-2 weeks.

Having been part of the dental practice in Orland Park City for decades now, we have witnessed many advances in the field of cosmetic dental treatments and our in-house dental care providers have the experience to perform any cosmetic dental procedure.

At Complete Dentistry of Orland Park, we also provide more dental procedures to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Set up a free consultation visit with our cosmetic dentists to discuss treatment options available, and let us give you a reason to smile wide. The advances in technology offer many options, so there’s something for everyone’s needs. There’s no reason to hide your smile anymore, call (877) 478-1353.