Do you cancel dentist appointments regularly due to apprehension? Do you put off significant or overdue dental treatments for a long time? Do you experience stress or anxiety before a dental visit? Would you rather ignore the pain in your mouth than visit a dentist?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may exhibit symptoms of dental fear or anxiety. Conscious sedation dentistry can help.

Conscious sedation dentists are able to provide patients with treatments after giving them an oral dose of medication. Patients are to take the medication the night before their appointment and throughout the appointment. They need to crush the tablet and place it under the tongue. This facilitates rapid and easy absorption.

The patient is able to walk and talk during the whole procedure. This allows him to be more relaxed during the appointment, however he/she will not remember much following the appointment.

This is a great option for patients who are normally anxious or fearful during their dental appointments. They can learn to be completely relaxed as they are aware of everything and still feel that they are in control. They are therefore able to receive great dental care in an effective and safe manner.

It is important for people to take good care of their dental health. Dental anxiety or phobia can be life changing. It can prevent people from receiving much needed care. We at Complete Dentistry of Orland Park are conscious sedation dentists. Contact us at (877) 478-1353 for more information.