What’s in a smile? It might not look like much, but it actually represents your personality. It also brightens your face and communicates your moods. A beautiful facial appearance boosts your self-esteem while also giving you more confidence to handle life.

Nevertheless, dental problems such as missing teeth, discoloration, cracking and chipping among others, can ruin your beautiful smile instantly. This is where a cosmetic dentist Orland Park clinic comes in handy. You will find specialists in correcting defects to get back your glowing face.

Here are some of the cosmetic dental treatments Orland Park these professionals use to bring back that bright smile:

  1. Implants: A missing tooth is a nightmare to say the least and in order to get your mouth back in shape, a titanium root is fixed into the gum before a natural looking crown is placed on top. This is a permanent solution, which gives a natural look to your dentals.
  2. Teeth whitening: This involves bleaching of discolored enamels at a dentist’s chair. Organic colored materials embedded in the enamel are removed using a solution that does not harm the rest of the mouth.
  3. Porcelain veneers: These are the most popular if you want that former shine. These thin pieces are custom made to fit snugly on your tooth after removing a small part of the affected enamel.
  4. Bonding: For chipped and cracked parts of your teeth, a composite material can be used to bond perfectly and mimic a natural appearance. The technique can also be used to close unwanted gaps and other unattractive spaces.

Complete Dentistry of Orland Park offers you many other modern treatment options including crowns, smile makeover, inlays and on-lays, contouring and reshaping among others. Call us at 877-478-1353 today.