Do you have a dental issue that needs to be addressed by a specialist? Some issues can’t be handled by a general dentist. General practices may not be equipped or have doctors that are trained to handle the issue. You need a specialist if you want the best results.

If you’re searching for Orland Park dental specialist, you may be wondering which type of specialist can take care of your needs. The following list of the most common areas of specialization ought to guide you.

  1. Endodontist

Endodontists deal only with the inner part of the tooth. They undergo specialized training dealing with the physiology, morphology and pathology of the tooth pulp. Their role is to prevent or treat diseases and injuries that affect the inner part of the tooth. Root canals are one of the most common procedures endodontists perform.

  1. Pediatric dentist

This type of dentist specializes in oral healthcare for children right from infancy and through to their teenage. They are trained to guide children and teens in their dental development and growth. They work in close association with family physicians, pediatricians as well as other dental specialists in order to provide comprehensive care.

  1. Periodontist

These are specialists in the care and prevention of diseases affecting the gum. They provide therapies for bone regeneration and are the people to see if you need dental implants Orland Park. They are trained in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases that affect the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. You’ll need to see a periodontist if the health, function or aesthetics of the tissues or structures surrounding your teeth are compromised.

  1. Orthodontist

This is the person to see if you have misaligned, crooked or moving teeth. They can also help with gaps. They are trained in development, correction and prevention of dental irregularities. These irregularities may affect the bite, teeth or jaws. They are also trained to provide therapy for disorders affecting the jaw as well as facial abnormalities.

  1. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

These Orland Park dental specialists provide a wide variety of services including reconstructive facial surgery and removal of impacted teeth. They diagnose and treat injuries, diseases and defects that affect both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the hard and soft tissues in the oral and maxillofacial region.

  1. Cosmetic dentists

These dentists focus on aesthetics. If you want a beautiful smile, you should see one. They can help in restoration after a traumatic event or illness.

  1. Prosthodontist

If you need to have a broken tooth restored or replaced, check with a prosthodontist. Their area of specialty is in creating tooth replacements as well as the preservation of oral health. They are also trained to deal with problems affecting the jaw joint, traumatic injuries that occur inside the mouth, reconstruction post oral cancer, snoring as well as sleeping disorders.

If you’re searching for Orland Park dental specialists, be sure to check with Complete Dentistry of Orland Park. We’re committed to creating beautiful smiles no matter what your dental issue may be.