Do you have missing or broken teeth? Dental implants are becoming the most recommended and sought after solution for missing or broken teeth. This is because they offer the same support and function that natural teeth do. They also do not come with all the hassles associated with dentures.
Many people find that having dental implants is much more cost effective than having dentures. This is considering that implants last for a long time and do not require replacement if well taken care of.
If you are considering a solution for missing or broken teeth, it is important to talk to an implant dentist to learn more about implants and your options. Your dentist will advise you on the most affordable and suitable implants for your situation.
Who should get implants?
Implants are a suitable solution for people with missing or lost teeth. An implant dentist will first assess your state of health before recommending the use of implants. You must be in good health and not have any health condition or disease that could get worse with use of the implant.
Those who are suffering from alcoholism or use tobacco will have to undergo additional help before dentists consider them for implants. Your dentist will work closely with your physician to ensure consideration of your health before you get implants. All this is important to ensure your overall physical and dental health.
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