Are you planning to fly anytime soon? If so, it is important to have a dental checkup beforehand to avoid complications during your flight. It might sound like an odd to-do item but the change in atmospheric pressure while flying has been linked to exacerbation of pre-existing oral problems. How so?

At high altitudes, there is a big fall in atmospheric pressure and for the comfort of passengers it is maintained by a machine. This change has an impact on travelers as anatomical organs and bones try to equalize the external levels your body now experiences. In particular, your upper teeth and the skull feel the greatest impact and if you had tooth ache before, it becomes unbearable. If you have had dental discomfort before it is important to visit a family dentist Orland Park office for specialized attention.

Some of the common problems you might encounter include:

  • Barotrauma: This is a feeling of squeezing which causes injury to body organs including your teeth due to sudden change in pressure.
  • Barodontalgia: This is pain experienced when you fly especially if you have another oral problem. If you are experiencing oral discomfort before your trip it is important to consult a family dental health Orland Park professional for a comprehensive diagnoses.
  • Odontocrexis: If you have a poorly done restoration you might experience barometric tooth explosion when there is a change in pressure.

Other conditions include Barotitis which is extreme pain in your ears, peri-orbital headache and Barosinusitis where the sinuses are inflamed.

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