There have been many arguments over the appropriate age to bring your child to the dentist for the first time. Some people argue as early as one or two years old, while others wait until almost kindergarten for their child’s first appointment.

However, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child should be visiting the dentist as soon as the first tooth appears, or at the very latest by his/her first birthday. Although your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out and pave the way for his or her adult teeth, a lot can be determined based on the way teeth grow in and how they are cared for.

Seeing a pediatric dentist early on can alleviate problems down the road or prepare parents to take a proactive step in their child’s dental health.

Pediatric Dentistry

Your child can visit a pediatric dentist from infancy through adolescence for all routine dental health care. Pediatric dentists are specialists that have received specific training and certification beyond their regular dental degree requirements. Pediatric dentists:

  • know the ins and outs of treating your child’s growing smile.
  • learn about child development and psychology to better prepare them for working with children and adolescents.
  • provide primary and specialty oral care for infants, children, and adolescents.

While general family dentists do work with children of all ages, taking your child to a pediatric dentist for his or her first visits in life will allow him or her care that is geared towards making him or her feel comfortable and safe at the dentist’s office.

How Often Should Your Child Visit Their Pediatric Dentist?

Children are no exception to the rule! You should schedule your child’s dental visits every six months unless told otherwise by your pediatric or family dentist. Some children may need to visit sooner or later than the standard six-month mark. Listen to your dentist’s recommendations for the best dental health for your child.

Need a Recommendation?

At The Complete Dentistry of Orland Park, we work hard to provide our families with a safe and comfortable atmosphere. We would be happy to see your children in our office or recommend an outstanding pediatric dentist in the area!