The use of braces in children and adults has been increasing each year, but dental veneers are also on the rise. These are not simply cosmetic fixes. They are helpful ways to maintain your healthy mouth.

Crooked teeth need to be corrected, and this used to be accomplished with braces. However, braces may take over a year to correct a problem with crooked teeth. Metal brackets are attached to your teeth and then a wire will be placed through these brackets, with rubber bands holding the wires in place, says Fox News.

There is another option that people are more commonly choosing today, and this is dental veneers. They are made from a customized, thin material that covers the teeth. There is no waiting for braces to correctly align your teeth.

In as few as two or three dental office visits, patients who choose veneers have just the results they desire, and a new smile. Veneers hide irregularly shaped teeth, uneven teeth and gaps between teeth. They are able to hide discoloration in teeth that is caused by fillings, root canals and medications. Broken or chipped teeth can also be hidden. Veneers resist discoloration and they can last for up to 10 years.

If you have braces, you need to avoid foods that will become stuck in your bands or wires. You can eat any foods you like when you have veneers.

The technology today allows for veneers to be made which look perfectly natural for you. Creating the best veneers is rather like an art form, since they are sculpted to fit your teeth. Most people actually don’t want “perfect” dental veneers, because no one has perfect teeth. To make them look less fake, you may opt to have your dentist make a few slight adjustments so that they look more natural. You’ll want to consult with a dentist office where they specialize in aesthetic dentistry.

Regardless of an orthodontist’s skills, you will never get teeth that are as white or straight with braces as you can get with dental veneers. You can choose from different color options, so that they will look more natural for you.

In short, dental veneers take much less time to give you a new smile than braces do. They resist staining and will be able to last for 10 years or more. You can smile freely and sooner with veneers as compared to braces.

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