It’s January, and this is the best time to plan for your year with the dentist at Complete Dentistry of Orland Park. There are important things you have to do throughout the year, and below we provide useful tips as you ready your schedule:

January: Check your flex expenses for the previous year, which according to most healthcare plans, you have to submit by around mid-March in order to qualify for reimbursement. Confirm the details of your dental plan with your company’s benefits specialist.

February: Find out about the possibility of inviting your general dentist to your local schools as we commemorate National Children’s dental Health Month. This will give your children the best chance at developing healthy dental habits from a young age.

March: Schedule a toothbrush-change reminder for every three months, meaning you’ll be due to change your toothbrush by the end of March, June, September and December. Worn toothbrushes are not as effective in cleaning teeth.

Dental checkups: Schedule your 6-month dental checkups the same way you set the reminder to check the smoke detector’s batteries.

Birthdays: Age one is a good time to schedule the first baby checkup with the general dentist, where you can learn about best practices to keep baby’s teeth strong and healthy. Schedule an orthodontist’s consultation at age 7 to detect any issues.

Spring: Set a reminder for a new mouth guard in time for sports practice and gym class in the spring. Mouth guards help to prevent tooth and jaw injuries when playing.

Summer: Invite Complete Dentistry at Orland Park’s dental team to speak at the company wellness workshop in the summer. We welcome every opportunity to raise awareness and improve family dental health practices through promotion of healthy choices.

For more information and to schedule your annual calendar with our general dentists, call (877) 478-1353.